Customizable Top Covers

Customizable Top Covers

  • Naugahyde
    Thin layer of vinyl – standard top cover over the orthotic or the extension materials
  • Neostride 
    1/8” thick black PPT covered with blue or black soft cloth, provides soft cushioning, anti-slip
  • Plastazote 
    1/8” thick soft beige color foam designed to reduce friction, moisture and pressure relief
  • EVA
    1/8” Thick eva foam, black swirl color designed to reduce friction, moisture and is more durable than Plastazote
  • Leather
    Genuine soft leather – Navy- very thin but durable

Available Colors:

Black, Neostride, Navy Leather, Mandarin Orange, Tomato, Yellow, Eva, Sangria, Medium Green, Sunstraw, Navy, Plum, Wedgewood Blue, Light Blue, Port, Nile Blue

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