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Xtremity 3D

Xtremity 3D is your simple and precise 3D scanning solution for custom orthoses, braces, and diabetic inserts. It’s an all-in-one solution for creating digital scans of your patients’ feet using a highly advanced imaging accessory on your iPad®.

Traditional methods of fitting patients with custom orthoses use considerable time and money capturing accurate images. By creating precise 3D scans, in seconds you will:

* Eliminate Casting Time
* Achieve Digital Accuracy
* Eliminate Shipping Costs
* Increase Patient Volume
* Increase Revenue
* Achieve Quick Turnaround Times

PAL has created this solution for the foot care industry’s technological need – keeping both the practitioner and patient-experience top of mind. PAL understands that practitioners today are faced with a different set of challenges than their predecessors. Tech-savvy patients (essentially anyone who knows how to do a simple Google search) are logging on to research their foot complications – even before going to a physician- and are becoming educated consumers. Patients know they are now able to demand rapid turnaround times on testing, product delivery and healing.

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Next, our 3D Xtremity System is broken down to elaborate accuracy and improvement aspects our system provides



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Offering Xtremity 3D is a revolutionary service, and can completely reform patient satisfaction and your overall business accuracy. You will receive the Xtremity System of your choice, along with support from our knowledgable team.


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