For all products, workmanship and defects in material are guaranteed for three (3) months from the original ship date.

Orthoses shells (excluding TL and Accommodative products) are guaranteed for life against breakage. TL products are guaranteed against breakage for one (1) year. Competitor Shells are not guaranteed.

Repairs and Adjustments

All heel and grinding adjustments will be at no charge within the warranty period (3 months).
Items added during the warranty period will be subject to charge.
PAL reserves the right to limit the adjustments available on Competitor devices.

Cancelled Order Charges

* 1 day after order entry: 25%
* 2-3 days after order entry: 50%
* 4-5 days after order entry: 75%
* After Shipping: 100%


All orthoses are fabricated to a prescription and cannot be returned for credit; however, PAL will advise you on specific adjustments.

Additional Charges

There may be additional charges to the client for the following special requests:

* Ship to Patient
* Return Casts
* Return Shoes
* Rush
* Alternate shipping methods