Soft Accessories

Soft Accessories


  • PPT 
    1/8” and 1/16” thickness soft blue material designed to give softest cushioning underneath top cover not as durable or shock absorbent as Prolite, but best for loss of fat pad or less active patients
  • Prolite
    1/8” and 1/16” thickness grey open celled material that feels rubbery to the touch, designed to add shock absorbency and cushion underneath the top cover.  Recommended for active patients, most durable extension material. This material can also be selected for arch fill underneath the orthotic for more support and used for some special accommodations. 1/16” prolite is used for bottom covers when requested
  • SBR
    Styrene Butadiene Rubber 1/16” thickness egg shell white-designed for soft cushioning and pressure relief- this is only used as an extension in our Pedestrian device.  It is also used as an arch fill in our Pedestrian device.


  • Korex
    1/16, 1/8, and ¼” thickness- greyish brown made of prolite and cork mixture designed for special accommodations such as Heel Lifts, Arch Fills, 2001 Accommodations, and Morton’s extensions
  • Suede
    Very thin sheet of suede-like material in black used as a bottom cover to reinforce the extension materials on the bottom of the extension to prevent cracking at distal shell and is also used as a cap on the bottom of the crepe of the rear foot posts

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