Platinum Dorsi-Assist

Platinum Dorsi-Assist


  • Dropfoot (Mild)
  • Post-CVA
  • Post-Polio

The brace provides a more normal gait; prevents post-stroke patients from falling due to their increased likelihood of foot/ ankle dropping when lifting the leg to step; reduces joint and muscle pain, and prevents tripping or falling.

Suggested L-Codes: L-1970, L-2820, L-2210 x2

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PAL offers the most customized AFO for your patients with our Platinum Ankle Brace Build-A-Brace program. For the practitioner desiring more flexibility in patient care, the Build-A-Brace service provides an alternative to selecting any of our standard devices giving the freedom to design your own brace, option by option.

New design features to provide improved fit and function for the benefit of the patient.
  • The joint rivet is replaced with a screw and bushing that allows free motion without the impingement and resistance often experienced with the rivet.
  • The placement of the joint  is now in anatomical alignment with the patient’s ankle joint, thus better matching the patient’s ankle joint range of motion.
  • Care is taken to assure the joint area and uprights align with frontal plane motion and the uprights are now attached to the outside of the foot section to improve anatomical contours.
  • Modifications to the positive mold are done to provide a more intimate fit of the foot section, thus improving support and control.


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