You have choices about where to go for your custom orthoses, diabetic inserts or ankle-foot orthoses. We at PAL Health Technologies recognize that. As you weigh your options, here are several things to consider about PAL Health Technologies:

We aren’t going anywhere

PAL Health Technologies has been a national leader in functional foot orthoses, custom diabetic inserts and custom ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) since 1976. That's an important consideration when you’re talking about a medical device. We were here for you yesterday, we’re here today and we’ll be here tomorrow.

We make a variety of products

Recognizing the variety of patient clinical indications, needs and body types, PAL not only makes custom orthoses but three different kinds of custom diabetic inserts and a variety of custom plastic and leather ankle-foot orthoses. The grade of our leather is above industry standards.

Innovation is expected

PAL’s latest product, the Tri-Lam Elite, is an accommodative device that is not trying to correct foot positioning or abnormal motion as is the case with other PAL products. Rather, it’s for cushioning and support to relieve foot pain. Tri-Lam Elite is the first in a line of new products that PAL is planning to offer during the next several years.

Each orthotic is 100% handcrafted

Each orthotic is custom-fabricated to the measurements of each patient’s foot as provided by their doctor. Nothing here is “off the shelf.” Several times throughout the multi-step fabrication process, employees make sure the work is being done to doctors’ specifications. Each product undergoes a 20-point quality check before leaving our lab. Even with that attention to detail, most custom orthoses have a turnaround time of five days or less.

Our employees stay

Several of our production employees have been with us for more than 30 years at our location in Pekin, Illinois. Our two biomechanical consultants, who work with doctors, have combined experience of 50 years. Why do our employees stay? Because they like the work and they know that they play an important role in helping to keep people mobile.

The only constant here is change

One reason PAL has been around for years is because it has adapted. PAL uses an advanced scanning software for the foot and ankle. Our Xtremity 3D System provides the most enhanced software for generating a 3D image that is then custom-fabricated to you. At the beginning of the fabrication process, our order entry and sizing team uses a 3D digital platform to ensure that all modifications and accessories that are supplied by the doctor are incorporated into the work order. For fabrication of custom diabetic inserts, our R&D director uses a scan entry and order preparation platform to get a preview of what the insert will look like and to make sure it will fit the patient’s foot. More high-tech advances will be unveiled soon.

We offer a Safe & Sound warranty

PAL Health offers comprehensive protection for your orthoses, at low cost, for two years. For people who purchase the Safe & Sound warranty, PAL will cover the cost of required repairs and replacements of your custom orthoses, arising from normal wear, for two years. This includes protection against the cost of repairs or replacements resulting from breakage or damage under normal wear, required adjustments, theft or loss and outgrowth for patients 18 years and younger. Patients 18 and younger are eligible for one free pair of replacement orthoses during the two-year coverage period. Subsequent outgrowth replacements are subject to a $35 per pair charge, which is substantially less than the cost of new orthoses. The coverage allows for lost or stolen orthoses to be replaced for $35 per pair or $17.50 per orthotic. The Safe & Sound warranty must be purchased within seven weeks of the orthotic being dispensed to the patient. The two years begins from the orthotic shipment date and costs $65. People can expect most orthoses to last about five years. But you may require changes in your prescription. Regular visits to your foot specialist will ensure that your orthoses are working properly in relation to the condition of your feet. If you lose, damage or outgrow your orthotic, alert your prescribing practitioner, who must authorize service requests.

Next time, we will discuss how patients can care for their new orthoses.

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Paul Swiech is vice president of communications with PAL Health Technologies. Before he joined PAL, he was a newspaper reporter for 37 years. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and exercising.