David M Davidson, DPM

I have been in private practice for many decades and my practice has grown to five providers and recently merged with a large, multidisciplinary group. Our department is incredibly busy and we have been struggling to make room for a new/urgent patients.

For years we have sent patients to outside vendors for orthotics, AFO braces, shoes and other DME products. Due to severe time limitations on our staff, we continued to do these referrals.

That is, until I met Dr. Aaron Rossi. I met through a friend approximately 6 months ago. Dr. Rossi informed me that he acquired PAL Health Technologies. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Rossi’s knowledge of the orthotic industry as well as his knowledge of lower extremity biomechanics. I quickly learned that the orthotics PAL provides are superior to most others.

Dr. Rossi also spent significant time with me and my partners detailing the AFO products he has and how we can cast our patients for these also rather than send them to an outside vendor. These products have proved to be just as good as his orthotics.

With the all the current changes in the healthcare as well as the decline in reimbursements for procedures and office visits, it makes no sense to refer patients out of the practice for DME products.

I am grateful to Dr. Rossi and to PAL Health Technologies for guiding our practice in the right direction.