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Molly Rossi


PAL Health Technologies is led by Owner and CEO Molly Rossi.

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For as long as she can remember, Molly Rossi always wanted to be a nurse. Careers in healthcare run in Rossi’s family. Her mother is a nurse, and she has multiple family members who work in the medical field. It was during her time in high school and working summers in an operating room that she found her passion for caring for people and challenging herself. Naturally, it felt right to pursue nursing.

Now the 38-year-old mom of four girls and the CEO of PAL Health Technologies, she is certainly busier than ever. Rossi has been in the nursing field for 16 years and is also a certified emergency nurse and trauma nurse specialist; however, she is now on a mission to continue the 47-year legacy of PAL Health Technologies, a national leading manufacturing company that fabricates custom prescription orthoses. Rossi is looking forward to continuing the PAL Health tradition and sees this as a new and exciting opportunity to provide meaningful and impactful care to people just a bit further away from the bedside.

Rossi is a natural leader with years of practical logistical experience. She has established herself as a powerful entrepreneur, advocating for quality and innovation, ensuring that employees are empowered to develop solutions and make decisions for the betterment of the company. Rossi’s goal is to streamline processes and revolutionize standard company protocols. She’s the perfect example of an emotionally intelligent leader; She’s extremely dedicated to fostering a supportive and hospitable work environment—an initiative that will change the way we view manufacturing industry expectations.

Under Rossi's direction, PAL Health Technologies will continue to focus on innovation, quality and improving prescription orthotic and AFO manufacturing processes.


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