PAL Health Technologies has added digital printing and cutting technology that should allow more personalization of custom orthoses and prompt delivery for customers.
PAL has invested in an AccurioWide 200 hybrid UV LED wide format inkjet printer, an AccurioPress C4080 digital press and a Colex SharpCut Pro Digital Flatbed Cutter.

This new technology allows our customers to have the advantage of more personalization of the products while allowing PAL to more quickly and efficiently deliver that customization.
The technology allows PAL to print in colors beyond white and to quicken the process. We can print and cut the orthotic material more quickly and more precisely, this will allow us to have a more automated approach to top cover printing and the cutter allows us to cut our materials in one quarter of the time and more precisely compared with how it was done previously.

The AccurioWide 200 gives PAL the ability to digitize its printing process instead of screen printing. PAL is using the technology for printing of orthotic top covers for customers and can do so in bulk. PAL’S previous screen printing process was more time-consuming and less efficient. The AccurioWide 200 saves energy, time and cost. Now, we have the ability to use a wide-format printer to print on large sheets of top-cover material rather than pre-cut top covers.

PAL can efficiently and quickly print personalized top covers for customers if the customers have high-volume status (they place 50 or more orders each month) and if the customers submit their personalized company logo and we can digitally print their personalized top covers on a wide scale and at higher volumes. Before, it would take us five minutes to do eight top covers, now we can do eight top covers in two minutes.

In addition, PAL now offers the option of printing with multiple colors. Before, PAL could print with white only.

The Colex cutter gives PAL the ability to digitally cut all orthotic rigid and soft materials with high accuracy and efficiency. PAL began using the Colex cutter to cut top covers, digitally cutting the large sheets of printed top cover materials.

PAL has broadened use of the Colex to cut all orthotic rigid and soft materials. Previously, a rotary knife and cutting table were used to cut soft materials and a punch press and dye were used to cut rigid materials.
The AccurioPress C4080 digital press will allow PAL to print materials that previously had been outsourced. We have started moving to in house printing for our catalogues, brochures, rack cards and business cards.

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