Improved fit and compliance are goals of adjustments that PAL Health Technologies has made to its custom diabetic inserts.

“This provides better outcomes for the patients (with diabetes) and for the doctors ordering the devices,” said PAL Health Orthotist/Prosthetist Shannon Kiser.

PAL’s custom diabetic inserts help the patient to ensure that their feet are properly taken care of by covering the plantar surface of the foot with a soft surface that will not cause any irritation and help to relieve ulcerations. PAL manufactures three different diabetic inserts: the XFit Standard, XFit Plus 55 and XFit Diasystem Plus. Which insert a patient receives is dependent on each patient’s weight and condition.

Adjustments are being made to all PAL diabetic inserts and began in November 2021.

The diabetic inserts are being sanded to reduce arch rigidity and to allow mild movement in the arch, Kiser said. The result is a better contour of the patient’s arch and improved comfort in the arch, he said.

“This is reducing the amount of returns (of inserts) for adjustments,” Kiser said.

While the change has just been made within the past month, a customer who toured the PAL fabrication lab said they liked the changes being made to the diabetic inserts, Kiser said.

With each product that PAL fabricates, goals include device functionality and patient comfort, said PAL Production Manager Noah Christian.

“We want everything that goes out the door to fit the patients appropriately,” Christian said. “That’s the goal of everything we do. We want the patient to enjoy wearing the product.”

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