PAL provides a complete list of prescription orthotic accessories to accommodate all your patients’ specific needs.

1st & 5th Ray Cutout

1st or 5th ray orthoses cutout

Heel Lift

Following rearfoot post application, Korex is added in incremental layers in 1/16″. Heel cap materials included in measurements.

Measuring a Heel Lift

  • Measure 1/4″ from distal medial aspect of post.
  • Measure from lateral side of post.
2001 Accomodation

1/8″ Korex extension blended into distal aspect of orthoses and extending to sulcus. U-shaped cutout will accommodate areas marked on the cast or scan.

Arch Fill

Pro-Lite or Korex arch fill applied to plantar aspect of orthosis.

Horseshoe Heel Cushion

U-shaped cushioning cutout applied and blended in heel area of orthosis prior to topcover application.

Heel Cup Depth

Standard depth: 10mm (excluding pediatric devices) 15mm deep heel cup available only with polypropylene and polyethylene orthoses.

Metatarsal Pad

Standard placement: just proximal to metatarsal heads, centered proximal to 2nd, 3rd and 4th, extending 1/4″ over distal aspect of the orthotic. Most commonly used are #22, #40, #351.


Provide extra cushion and shock absorption.

Morton's Extension

1/8″ Korex blended into distal aspect of orthosis, extending under 1st metatarsal head to sulcus.

Gentle Heel Insert

Centered pocket cut through orthosis shell and filled with 1/8″ PPT prior to topcover application. Available with extrinsic rearfoot post or no post. Not available on TL devices.


Circular pocket applied “as marked on cast” or scan in extension material prior to topcover application.

Heel Cushion

Cushioning applied and blended in heel area of orthosis prior to applying top cover.

Heel Cushion with Center Accommodation

Cushioning applied and blended in heel area of orthosis – with center pocketing or to markings – prior to top cover application.

Pump Grind

Ground narrower on medial and lateral aspect of orthosis.

Shaffer Medial

Orthosis shell is 1/8″ wider through medial arch area.

Rearfoot Post

Lab standard: crepe post with 4° of inversion and 4° of motion.

Soft Accessories

Korex, SBR, PPT, ProLite, Silon

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Customizable Top Covers

Naugahyde, Neostride, Plastazote, EVA, Leather

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Additional Accessories

Flange, Gait Plate, Intrinsic Accom, Lateral Clip, Medial Kirby 3mm Skive, Arch Raise, Bottom Cover, Column Wedge, Cuboid Raise, Dancers Pad, Neuroma Pad, Toe Crest, and Toe Fill